Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TV-free Day Short Argumentative Essay

What do people do with their spare time? It's more likely for people to watch TV at home and be a couch-potato all day long rather than hanging out with friends at the city square. Watch TV does have some positive impacts, such as keep you up-to-date with all the information, entertain yourself with the TV shows, show you the new products of your favourite make-up, and many more.

On the other side, watch TV has some negative side effects. Have your ever heard that six hours a day of watching could kill you? That is true according to the scientists based on their researches. Watch TV in excessive amout of time could increase the risk of having a heart disease, liver disease, cancer, diabetes and even suicide. Do you think that TV is your never ending girlfriend/boyfriend? Well, think again! Just end your relationship now and keep a healthy human-TV relation. Seriously, for the sake of your future.

If you like to watch TV, let's say, six hours a day, imagine the amount of time that you waste in a week, in a month, in a year! You waste so much time! As we know, TV free day program encourage parents to turn off their tv at least one day a week. I do agree with this program because instead of watching TV, there's  a lot of positive things to do. Scared of the lack of activities? Fear not! Here's a few tips for you :
1. Go out and have a quality time with your parents. Talk about your school, your goals, your everyday life to share with mom and dad like the good-old-day.
2. Exercise! Swimming and jogging is very good to burn the potato chips that you eat during tv session.
3. Learn how to play music instruments!
4. Read good books and enrich your vocabularies.
5. Review your school subjects.
6. Tidy up your bedroom.
7. Help your mom cook, maybe?
8. Go to the museum.
9. Find social service program for you to join.
10. Hang out your friends!

There's a lot of things to do if you're not watching tv, right? You could be healthier and be more sociable during the process. So, turn of your TV once a week!

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Short Essay for Peace Day 2015

Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. 
-Ronald Reagan 

As a child, I was a happy one. Born from a small family and raised as the only child. Once upon a time when I had to go to elementary school, I begged my mother to put me in kindergarten for another year. My mother refused and I was signed to an elementary school and became one of the youngest student in my year.

I was one bright kid at my elementary school. But my "brightness" wasn't balanced with my ability to handle people. I rarely meet children of my age on my neighborhood so that affect my early years of elementary school.  I had to learn how to make friend just like how to speak and crawl like a child.

Time passed by, I was in the final year of elementary school. Everything started when I was chosen as the class captain. I never knew why I was chosen until later of the year. I was so surprised and confused. It was my first experience as a leader, I didn't know how to do  that. My first days as a class captain was annoying, everyone in my class seem not to hear the single thing I said to them. Then I realised that they had chosen me just to make me look stupid when I try to cooperate with them.
The people who sabotaged the election were in the same after school tuition class with me. They sometimes laughed and throw pens at me. I hated my life that moment. They bullied me for the reason I didn't even know. The tuition teacher knew there was something wrong with me and those people. So she tried to make me and the people say sorry to each other.

It was a miserable year, I hated my final year of elementary school. I was introverted and only had four best friends once. I didn't know how to make friends and I didn't want to know how because all the girls were all the same . I hated my elementary life once and my only hope was to make the time fly faster.

Fast forward, I graduated elementary school and made promise to myself. When I entered the junior high school, I wanted to find myself and be able to speak my thought freely. I disconnected myself with anything related to my elementary school.  I found myself nice and thoughtful best friends and the new me. I cherised every moment and realised that life seem to has a point  once again.

The after effect of the experience was big. I found my ability to handle with people. I was no longer introverted. I become an extroverted person up until now and I'm happy with that. But one thing that hasn't come back yet. I had lost the point of leadership and the cooperation of an organisation.  Those things seem to be a trigger to that mooment. Beside that, I'm happy with who I am now.

I got hurt once so I promised not to hurt another in the future. Making peace is not always with another people that conflicted with us once, but also making peace with our past so we could be the best version of ourselves wihout changing the beauty difference in everyone. I regret nothing from what I experienced. It looks like I had to thanked them for what they did to me,  I would not be myself today if it were not for them. Thanks to them, I got stronger from making peace with my past.

Note :
This short essay initially planned to celebrate The International Peace Day on September 21st 2015 but because one thing and another, I just had the time to publish it. I genuinely apologise for the lateness and I hope everyone could still enjoy it :)s

Book Review : BUMI

 "A room without books is like a body without a soul."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Raib is just another Year 10 student , who has two cats called White and Black. She has amazing parents, teachers and friends. She is a 15 years old girl just like everyone else, except one thing. One thing that she kept as a secret for a long time. Something extraordinary. Her name is Raib and she could disappear right before your eyes.
- - - 

BUMI is the first book of Bumi fantasy serial written by Tere Liye which was first published in 2014. This novel tells a story about a 15 year old girl called Raib. She has a special ability, she become invisible eveytime she covers her face with her hands. She discovered her ability when she was 22 months old. Her parents seem not to pay attention to her ability eventhough sometimes they got confused everytime she came out of the blue. 

She lives in a normal teenage world with her best friend, Seli in X-9 class. Seli is a nice and outgoing girl. She is a good listener to her best friend. Every school in the world has that one killer teacher, so is Raib and Seli's school. Miss Selena or Miss Curly (it's what the student called behind her back) is their strict and fierce Math teacher. Miss Selena likes to give her students homework, one unclucky moment for Raib, she forgot to bring her book. This resulted to her standing-in-front-of-the-class punishment with her genius, critical yet naughty classmate called Ali. Raib was not really fond of Ali, so she covered her face and hide. But her cover was blown away when a mysterious man surprised her. Ali saw Raib's apparation and asked her about her ability. Raib ignored all of Ali's questions, Ali pretended not to care. But little did she know that Ali put his handmade experiment inside Raib's backpack to spy on her daily life.  

Her whole life was about to turn upside down when she couldn't find her Black cat. She tried to ask her parents about her Black cat, but they admit that they never saw a Black cat since six years ago. Even when she was just a little kid, her parents thought that the Black cat was just her imagination.
One day, she has a 'huge' acne that bothered her so much. So much until she wished it could just disappear. She tried pointed at her acne and said 'Disappear!' She never knew that she could do that. The tall and mysterious man walked out from the mirror and told her that he was just a 'friend'. She was furious and screamed out to the man to go away. 

 The next day, Ali told Raib that he knew a mysterious guy walked out from the mirror. He then confessed to her that he has been spied on her for the couple of days. Her day was not getting any better because an out of service relay station decided to hit on her and Seli. Something amazing happened when Seli stood in front of her and caught all the feral cables. Raib followed her instict and made the relay station disappeared. Ali was the only eye witness and offered them to got away from that place. 

When the three of them went to the school hall, they met Miss Selena. It turned out that Miss Selena was the guardian from the Moon Clan. A place where Raib came from according to the mysterious man and Miss Selena. Raib, Seli and Miss Selena and then battled their way when they were faced with mysterious man's evil troop who wanted something that Raib had. 

Miss Selena sacrificed herself and told her 'students' to go to the portal she made. The portal transported her to her room. Her adventure was going to start when she was transported once again to a child room in a far away, high technology based land called Tishri City inhabited by the Moon Clan. Her adventure with Ali, Seli and also her new friends in Tishri City would uncover the truth about herself, her past and eventually about her future. 
- - - 
This fantasy novel is told from a child point of view. The language features to expressed about Raib's experiences was easy to understand and will make you want more. The story itself will make you forget the real world and absorb you to the very heart of the story. This book is recommended for young-adult readers who crave for fantasy adventure story combined with the beauty of family, friendship and a bit of humor here and there.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gamarvani 2015

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."
-Marcus Garvey

Gamarvani is derived from Sanskritic which means Gama(trip) and vani was taken from the word Parvani(moon). The festival picks up a theme from a West Java folklore, The Legend of Nyi Anteh.
Gamarvani is an annual cultural festival which was held to conserve West Java culture and build the pride of the people especially the youngsters as the playmaker of the next generation. This festival was also held to tone up the celebration of Bandung 205th anniversary. 

200 students of SMAN 3 Bandung participated as the standing committee to plan, plot and actualise the festival with the help of alumni, sponsors and other third parties. 

The annual festival was held at Lapangan Bali (Jl. Bali no. 8on Saturday 19th 2015 from 10.00 until 21.00. With 40.000 rupiahs, everyone could enjoy the cultural live shows from Wayang Golek Giriharja, RMHR, Manggala Awi, Sasadana and many more.  Music extracurriculars such as KPA3 (Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3), LSS ( Lingkung Seni Sunda), MK3 (Musik Klasik 3), Band 3, KV3 (Kelompok Vokal 3) were there too performed their best at the festival. 

The once deserted Lapangan Bali was nicely decorated as a enjoyable festival site. 15 food stands and 12 foodtrucks were there to serve the empty bellies of the audience.

The big day started with the cultural parade around the school. After that, the festival was officially held after the speech from the school principal.  

The day went along with the amazing performances of the talented traditional musicians that would blow up everyone's mind for their creativity.

Personally, I was one of the player at KPA3. We performed two songs, Alusiau (a traditional Batak song) and New York, New York from Frank Sinatra. 
The benefit for me was the free pass, I could enjoy the show for free. :)

This year's main guests were Adera and HiVi. Before Adera performed, T'sT or Tiloe's Theatre performed a cabaret which is the storyline of the festival, Nyi Anteh. The cabaret was creatively combined with their originality so the audience gradually amused during the show. 

The legend told us about Princess Endahwarni and lady-in-waiting, Nyi Anteh who were raised together in a castle and practically became each other's best friend and  sister since they were young. In their teenage year, Princess Endahwarni was ecstatic with the arrival of Prince Anantakusuma. The prince was coming to woo the princess. Upon the arrival, Prince Anantakusuma was enchanted by the angelic voice of Nyi Anteh and ask her to marry him. Nyi Anteh refused the offer because she didn't wan to betray the princess. Princess Endahwarni was jealous of Nyi Anteh so she banished the lady-in-waiting from the castle. During her time of her banishment, she has became a popular tailor. She's happy where she is, with her happy family and a cat, there is nothing more she could've asked for. Princess Endahwarni heard the great story of the dressmaker and invited her old best friend to come live at the castle after she apologised. Prince Anantakusuma, now the Princess' husband, couldn't forget the beauty and the angelic voice of Nyi Anteh forced her to marry him. Nyi Anteh was stuck and  didn't want to hurt anyone. So she prayed to the God to help her get out from the sticky situation. God granted her prayer and placed her at the moon with her cat as a company where she is safe from any harm.

After that, Adera came up to the stage and crowd went wild when he said hello. Adera is the son of the legendary musician, Ebiet G. Ade. He performed his songs and did a cover of Bang Bang from Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J. 

The musical extracurriculars collaboration (MK, KPA, LSS, Band) was performed after Adera. They performed their own arrangement of traditional and modern song. They have proven that modern and traditional sounds good together without any doubt.

The last guest of the evening, HiVi. The rising star of the year came up to the stage when the screen split up into two. The crowd cheered for them when they performed their top songs. Heartbeat, Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta, Indahnya Dirimu, Orang Ketiga, Curi Curi were performed as the highlight of the night.
Mata ke Hati was the last song and the wrap of the day. The audience sang along to the song. A surprise firework from the stage made the night brighter. 

The night was longer that day. We live up our fantasy and become more grateful for the culture that we have.
We are the young generations and we live to carry on the legacy. We will not stop until the mission is finished.

Note : Dina Amalia Kusmardika helped the writing as the source because of her involvement in the festival.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Teman-teman, Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMA Negeri 3 Bandung saat ini sedang berpartisipasi dalam lomba video musik Angklung se-Asia Tenggara. Mohon bantuan untuk me-like video di link ini ya!

(paling lambat s/d 31 Oktober 2015)

Terima kasih :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Application Letter

An application letter is a formally writen one-page letter that accompanies a resume and the requested documentaton in applicatio for a job or academic program. Application letters are ofte synonymous with cover letters, and in addition to describing what materials are included in the application, an application letter should also take time to highlight the qualifications that prepare the writer for acceptance into the job or academic program.

This semester, I was given a task to look for an example of a job vacancy and after that I would have to make an application letter for the job vacancy. This is the example of a job vacancy and my loo-
here-and-there application letter.

Mrs. Erica Jones
PRCAS Company
A Street
A Smalltown

Dear Mrs. Erica,
I am writing to apply for the post of Project Management (Civil Engineering Projects) which was advertised on your company website on December 2013. My CV is enclosed with this letter for the detail information about myself. I was attracted to the position because of the opportunities that I could have experienced in the company.

I have 4 years working experience as a Civil Engineering Project Manager at the West Bale Firm. Over the years, I have developed a wide range of applicable skills, including organisational skills, communication skills, team working, and IT skills. I am currently studying at West Bale University to complete my Civil Engineering master degree.

I would appreciate the chance to discuss the post and will contact you within the next few days if this is possible. I can be contacted on the number phone given.  Thank you for your consideration. I look forward hearing from you.

Yours incerely,
Shalby Alexander

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two Saturdays

Saturday, May 2nd 2015
After a busy week from Monday to Friday, it's time for me to gather with my friends. There was special practice meeting in KPA and I was one of the event storywriter so I had to be at the place on the punctual time. When I was getting ready with the rest of my KPA friends, Dian came and told me something.

There wasn't anyone at our class available for that day's girls dodge ball match from Dewa Athena. I was surprised, so I came along with Dian and dragged XI IPA 4 girls in KPA. We had to at least have 5 girls so the match could start. The impromptu team members were Dian, Muti, Hani, and I with Dina who was already there from moments ago. We quickly went to the Lapangan Bali before our class is prounounced walk-out.

"Is it okay if I play with jeans?" I asked Dian. I knew that it was not right to have a dodgeball match with jeans but I wanted to come back to school quickly to see how was the event going. That day's rival was X IPA 7. The first period went pretty funny because I laugh everytime I tried to throw the ball. After we tried few times to hit the X IPA 7 girls, Dina got hit instead. We tried to be strong with only 4 people, but I got hit and went out from the court. Dina and I worked together to hit X IPA 7 girls from the outer side of the court and hit one girl. The whistle was blowed as a sign for a break.

The second period felt like a deja vu. We exchanged court and tried to hit the X IPA 7 girls again. Moments later, Dina got hit and I got hit as well. One of the X IPA 7 got hit by Muti, Hani, and Dian. We tried to hit the ball at the opponent's feet but the whistle has been blowed again. So we lose guys, Gatot Kaca, we're so sorry because we couldn't win this match. I didn't feel sad at all, I was relieved that it was over and I could come back. I felt happy too because finally I could participate in this year's Dewa Athena.

Saturday, May 9th 2015 
Rima Hanissa or often called as Hani and I had a sleep over night, we ate popcorns and watched a sad movie. The next day was a disaster for us because we were late! We woke up and then we took turn to take a shower. We knew that we were supposed to leave early because we had to go to school by bycicle, do you know why? It's PAMAN GOBER, guys! Paman gober is an abbreviation of penanaman tanaman dan gowes bersama, or planting and cycling together as an effort to create a green earth.

Hani and I had to packed some clothes because we had a KPA event that night. We left the house at 6.30 AM when we were supposed to gather at school at 6.30. We knew that we were going to be late but we had faith in ourselves because the road from my house to shool was downward, so we thought that we would get there faster.  We arrived at 7 AM and saw that the group were ready to get going. Hani and I were told to quickly join the group but we insist that we wanted to put our bags first.
After our bags were put in a safe place, we chased our friends until we met Nuris, Reksa and Tiya. Tiya and Hani had an ambition to reach the front of the group, I didn't like being in the back as well that's why I followed them. Along the way, I realised that we were only circling the place. When we reached the front group, we were told to turn to Jalan Buton, then we didn't know what to do next. Hani, Tiya, Reksa and I were hungry and we wanted to go to a supermarket. So we silently left the group and cycled really fast. Someone shouted at us but we kept on cycling until we reached the supermarket. So sorry guys, we were so hungry :(

We ate shake fries and a Milo each and we got a free fried chicken too. After we were full, we quickly went back to Lapangan Bali to join the rest of the group. The event after Paman Gober was the closing of Dewa Athena. We were told to gather there so we could get free foods from the committee. Alll of my friends that were KPA members asked to leave earlier because we were going to have an event at night and we need to prepared it first. This year's Paman Gober track was not as challenging as last year's but I still had fun because I could meet my friends in a fun bike riding. Thank you everyone :)

P.S. : Sorry for the lack of photos :(